The Nation’s Credibility is Damaged – Time for a New Face

The Nation’s Credibility is Damaged – Time for a New Face

The United States’ reputation isn’t the same as it used to be.

It’s damaged now, tainted from revelations about spying programs that have been released by Edward Snowden – a former NSA worker who was so upset and disturbed by what the agency was doing, that he leaked information to the press about the programs. He then fled to Russia to escape prosecution from the federal government. From his safe haven, he continued to provide more information about the programs.

And now, every country in the world looks at the United States with a more critical eye.

But one name has dodged criticism for some reason. That’s James Clapper, the national intelligence director. Clapper took some flak shortly after the revelation that the NSA collects data on millions of Americans – most notably because he said during a hearing that the NSA did not spy on any Americans, at all.

Well, Rand Paul is reminding people that Clapper’s lies and policies have damaged the United States’ standing in the world. He took to national television to say Clapper should lose his job over what’s happened.

Sandy Fitzgerald of Newsmax wrote the following about Paul’s comments:

“’I haven’t heard of anybody talking about repercussions for him,’ Paul said.

The NSA leaks have shown the United States is ‘spying not only on foreign leaders, but there’s an accusation that we spied on the pope as well,’ Paul said…The only way I think you could start afresh is with somebody new in charge of your intelligence.’”

What that would do: Send a strong signal not just to other countries, but to the American people, that the government is serious about changing its ways. That they’re serious about protecting the privacy rights of their citizens, and trusting countries that are deemed allies.

Instead, though, it looks like we’ll all be getting more of the same. Clapper remains in his position as top-dog, and somehow seems to be slinking around underneath the radar.

And the one guy who hasn’t forgotten Clapper’s role in all this? That’s Mr. Rand Paul. Once again standing up for the people.



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