The IRS: A Total Mess

The IRS: A Total Mess

Everyone’s favorite government agency, the Internal Revenue Service, lived up to its public reputation in early 2013.

It came out that officials with the IRS were denying organizations non-profit status based on keywords. Keywords that happen to be used by more libertarian, Tea Party organizations – also known as, President Obama’s political opponents – than liberal groups. You know, the we-probably-support-everything-Obama-does kinds of groups.

A coincidence?

You can decide that for yourself.

In the middle of that scandal, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul made a pitch on FOX News: The IRS, he said, needs a “complete overhaul.”

“I think targeting people for political opposition, or for religious reasons, is reprehensible, and I think it rises to a really serious crime. I think it has to be researched and investigated from top to bottom, and if this is true, someone should go to jail over it.”

(Note: You can watch the full embedded interview down below.)

Paul went on to say that he thinks that complete overhaul is the only thing that will be able to convince Americans they are not being targeted anymore. And the fact that the IRS is closely aligned with the Democrats?

“That doesn’t sound to me like a very objective agency,” Paul said, also noting that over a $1 million has gone from the IRS employee union to Democrats during the last two elections.

It’s suspicious, almost infuriatingly so. The fact that a supposedly non-partisan government entity simply looked for words like ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriot,’ mentions of federal debt, or ‘9/12’ to screen organizations applying for non-profit status…What kind of free country does something like that, and allows the government to get away with it?

Maybe we’ll get a solution though. Maybe that complete overhaul will not only eliminate this problem, but can be used as an opportunity to fix some of the other problems that plague the IRS and tax filings.

What do you think? What would it take for you to trust the IRS? Or will you never be able to after what came out during the scandal? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to watch the full video interview embedded below.

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