The Insidious Nature of Government Regulation:  The Untold Story

The Insidious Nature of Government Regulation: The Untold Story

I fly all the time.  I am on an airplane almost every other week, and I fly a lot through Southwest Airlines.  It was years ago when I became aware of hidden regulations when I attempted to fly from somewhere outside of Texas to Dallas.  You know Dallas, big city, cowboys, Kennedy was shot there, all of that.


What I noticed is that I could not fly directly to Dallas.  When I asked somebody at Southwest Airlines why I couldn’t do that all they told me is that it is because of something called the Wright Amendment.


The Wright Amendment was signed into law by Jimmy Carter in February of 1980, and it prevented Southwest, this fledgling airline during the late 70s, from encroaching on American Airlines, one of the dominant airlines.  What happened is that Jim Wright, who later was kicked out of Congress for other dealings, put this in place because, of course, American Airlines was in his district.


We have now dealt with this for 34 years.  So all of this talk that we have been living in this wild, open, good old days of business and travel, is bull since Jimmy Carter signed this stupid law.


What has been the consequence of it?  Well, people who have wanted to fly into Dallas, me included, have to pay extra money by flying other carriers or we have to do some sort of Texas 2-step dance because you have to land somewhere else in Texas before you can arrive in Dallas.  Recently I left Dallas and went on to go to Denver, and guess what, I had to stop at another city en-route before I could go to Denver.  Absolutely ridiculous.


Here is the good news, on October 14th, 2014 we will finally be through with the Wright amendment and done with Jim Wright.  It is about time that we get our own freedom because it is amazingly stupid that this law has prevented us from seeing what real competition would bring.


I hope that you will join with me in saying that if President Obama is so willing to take his pen and his phone and not wait for Congress then he could at least tear down this small wall so that we can fly today instead of waiting till October to fly directly into Dallas.  What a pain in the neck, and what is so amazing is that we have been living under this sort of ridiculousness for a very long time.


Guess what, when this law is removed we will see a significant drop in prices of flights from Dallas and to Dallas and it will be much more convenient to a lot of travelers.  That is what the free market is all about, competition driving down prices and not forcing people to live with ridiculous compromises.


How many of you have had to deal with this kind of ridiculous regulation?  This is just one of the many thousands or tens of thousands of regulations buried in the law.  Do you know of one that you would like to bring to light?  Share it with us and lets see if we can get light on this, because after 34 years we are finally going to be free of this one law in Dallas, Texas. 


(Photo Courtesy of Trey Ratcliff aka Stuck In Customs via Flickr Creative Commons)



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