The Government Shutdown is Kind of a Joke

The Government Shutdown is Kind of a Joke

The government does some stupid things. We’ve known that for a long time now.

The federal shutdown by itself is stupid – especially when Senators like Rand Paul from Kentucky have offered multiple solutions to getting everything back on track. But the handling of the shutdown is almost laughably bad.

Michael Bastasch and the folks at the Daily Caller put together a list of seven stupid things the government spent money on during the shutdown. And they’re doozies, especially considering the cost of the shutdown, which the article notes:

“According to IHS Global Insight, the shutdown could cost the U.S. economy $1.6 billion per week — and NBC News reported that the shutdown would cost $12.5 million per hour.”


So what is the government spending money on? Here’s a terrifying one.

“Federal agencies created new websites to tell visitors that they don’t have enough funding to run their old websites.”

Yes, the federal government created new website graphics and pages to tell people they didn’t have the money to operate their normal websites. It even extended to Twitter accounts, as many of those were also shut down.

Also on the list: Some national parks actually were NOT shut down. Why?

“According to the same source, it’s close to the homes of ‘quite a few’ Democratic senators, and the source has previously seen Montana Democratic Sen. Max Baucus walking in the park.”

That seems just a little shady.

Also on the list: Park rangers being posted to stop war veterans from going to the closed war memorials (classy!); someone being paid to remove all the handles off of a 184-mile canal that is shut down and closed (efficient!); shutting down the parking lot at Mt. Vernon, but not the actual park (brilliant strategy!); and more.

Sure, some people don’t expect government to be 100 percent efficient all the time. But stuff like this makes it look like they’re not even trying. I mean, when the country is shut down because it can’t pay its debts, is this really the best stuff to be spending money on? Not to mention the country has a spending problem already, which is what’s causing the crisis in the first place.

So there you go. Have you seen any curious cases of the federal shutdown making an impact? Or have you noticed that money is still being spent in places it shouldn’t? Let us know in the comments.



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