The Flip of A Coin: Will Rand Paul Run For President?

The Flip of A Coin: Will Rand Paul Run For President?

Recently, a fourth grader by the name of Clay W. from Potter Gray Elementary School in Bowling Green sat down with Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul for an interview. In the young boy’s discussion with the senator, he and Paul had what could turn out to be one of the most important conversations of its topic to Republicans across the country—Will Rand Paul be running for the United States presidency come 2016?

That is one serious question, no matter whom or where it comes from. Of course, Sen. Paul did not leave his young journalist in the midst of a cliffhanger. His answer was direct.

“Probably 50-50,” Paul said.

Perhaps that is not the answer you expected. However, Paul has valid reasons to think twice on the matter of running.

First off, Paul’s family (his wife in particular) has been noted as a major case for his decision to opt out of a campaign. Because of this, the main obstacle in Paul’s way is the media, or, more directly, their inevitable intrusion and judgments on things as unimportant as his hairstyle and the color of his tie to the amount of time he gets to spend with his family.

“It is a big job to do, to run for president,” Paul said. “It would take traveling around the country, it would mean I’d be home less time, get to see my kids [for] less time. And the people in the media, they get meaner and meaner when you run for president because they pick you apart and say your clothes don’t look good, your hair looks bad, you need a haircut. You get all that kind of grief from the media when you run for president.”

Although we are yet to be given a direct “yes or no” answer, Paul said the decision should be made in no more than a year.

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