The Final Resolution to the ISIS Threat Will Not Come From The West

The Final Resolution to the ISIS Threat Will Not Come From The West

Use your head, save the bullets. That’s the type of foreign policy that Sen. Rand Paul backs. However, some folks are shocked by Rand’s latest response to the current ISIS threat.

Since when is defending America from those who wish to harm us a shocking thing? He’s not the guy who goes ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ but, as Paul puts it on Time regarding the ISIS threat, don’t mistake a reluctance for war for a lack of resolve.

Paul reinforced that statement with his appearance on Friday’s America’s Newsroom saying:

“Radical Islam, ISIS, is a threat to the United States. They’re a threat to our embassies, to our consulates, to our journalists. But, ultimately, I also would emphasize that the end to this war, the final resolution of this war will not come from the west.”

“It will come from civilized Islam which is the vast majority of Islam. But civilized Islam needs to rise up and wipe out these barbaric elements that I think are not true custodians of the religion. It will not end until that happens.”

“In the meantime, America needs to protect ourselves from terrorism.”

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WATCH: Rand Paul Respond to ISIS Threat

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