The Fight for the Christian Right

The Fight for the Christian Right

Paul has done it before.


Rand Paul has fought for the Christian right—the conservative Christian stance—before.


However, this stance does not come without its accusations. Paul has taken criticism for being perceived as “weak” on national security and “liberal” on social issues in his run for the 2016 presidential election. Along with these allegations, GOP hawks, and conservatives in general, have sent a lot of questions his way.


Would he take disrespectful symbolism, such as the burning of the American flag in foreign countries lightly? Additionally, with an indubitable foreign shot at the relevant Christian stance within the United States, what would really be done with to protect the principles of the Christian right?


More directly, what would be done to prevent the violence towards Christians worldwide?


This is not the first time the Kentucky senator received this kind of critique. In the Kentucky Republican senatorial primary, he faced similar issues. Regardless of his own stance within the Tea Party, Paul was able to unite conservative hawks within the GOP. Thus proving he was more than capable to deal with international and social complications.


Early in his term as senator, Paul was quick to take action by making a trip to Israel—a strong ally of the United States. He wanted to make known he was a supporter of the Jewish nation, and that he would not only take a stand against those who have distaste towards the American government and Christian persecution, but to advocates of anti-Semitism as well.


As it is known, the Jewish culture has endured its own trials of maltreatment throughout the past few centuries. Now, as we approach a new era, it is not a matter of if Christians will receive worldwide persecution.


They already are.


Paul’s Beliefs On the Matter of Global Violence Towards Christians


This past October at the Values Voter Summit, Paul explained how the Obama administration has not done a good enough job in making the struggles of Christians abroad a prominently known issue. Likewise, the media has also had its shortcomings in this mater.


In November, Senator Paul called for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini however he still remains imprisoned in Iran.  Abedini seems to have been forgotten by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry in discussions with Iran.


Senator Rand Paul has not forgotten about Pastor Abedini or his family because he retweeted a post by @TheBrodyFile about Rand Paul meeting Abedini’s wife Nagmeh and supporting her in trying to free her husband.


Most recently Senator Paul and his wife Kelly released a video on December 23 wishing a Merry Christmas and prayers for Americans overseas.


You can watch the video here:

WATCH: Merry Christmas from the Paul Family

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