The 5 Things About Medical Marijuana That Will Change Because Of Rand Paul And Two Democrats

The 5 Things About Medical Marijuana That Will Change Because Of Rand Paul And Two Democrats

It’s not often that one gets to see a Republican and two Democrat Senators working for the same goal, but this is exactly what happened when a bipartisan trio presented a federal medical marijuana bill in a joint press conference on Tuesday. Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky and Democrat Senators Kirsten Gillibrand from New York and Cory Booker from New Jersey took to the podium to change medical marijuana for everyone.

Is the Federal Medical Marijuana Bill the Same as Legalizing Pot?

Most states in the U.S. have already passed laws which allow the use, selling and even growing of marijuana for medical and even recreational purposes.

However, the same doesn’t apply for the federal government. This means anyone caught selling or using pot is in trouble as far as the federal law is concerned. A prescription from a doctor or a receipt from the store means nothing.

The federal medical marijuana bill that Paul, Gillibrand and Booker propose will address many of the issues that advocates of marijuana legalization were hoping to see for years now.

Among other things, the federal medical marijuana bill, called The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) will include these five critical points, according to The Washington Post:

  • 1. The bill will demote cannabis one level in the DEA’s drug classification system. Right now, marijuana is a “Schedule 1” drug, together with heroin, LSD, meth and ecstasy. If the bill gets approved, it will be categorized together with Dexedrine, Meperidine, Fentanyl and other drugs that can have a medical use, according to the DEA.
  • 2. The National Institute on Drug Abuse would get a more expansive access to marijuana and would be able to research its uses and potential benefits better.
  • 3. Banks who are offering services to the cannabis industry would be able to do this without the fear of federal repercussions. Just like with any other client.
  • 4. The Department of Veterans Affair doctors could recommend cannabis for certain conditions in states where it is legal.
  • 5. Finally, the proposed federal medical marijuana bill will make its state-to-state transportation much simpler.

The Conference is over, now what?

Senator Cory Booker said about the bill:

“This bill that we are introducing seeks to right decades of wrong and end unnecessary marijuana laws. Currently, right now, our veterans are prohibited from getting the medical treatment they so desperately need to relieve their pain and suffering. Parents are unable to get the medical treatment their children need to relieve their pain and suffering. High trained officials in our country, doctors and scientists, medical personnel, are unable to prescribe and recommend medical drugs that could relieve the pain and suffering of their patients.”

Rand Paul pointed out that:

“We, as a society are changing our opinions on restricting people’s choices, as far as medical treatments. There are thousands of people in our country, probably tens of thousands of people in our country, who have diseases that are incurable and that would like to see pallets of treatment. Many people have been finding relief, but some people are prevented from finding it.”

Senator Gillibrand introduced 4-year old Morgan, who is suffering from a rare disease that cannabis could help alleviate some of the symptoms of, and said:

“Many children in my state have similar afflictions and they feel the real pain of the current federal laws as it relates to medicine that their doctors have prescribed.”

Now the ball is in the Senate’s yard, as they have to decide whether CARERS will pass or not. What do you think about the federal medical marijuana bill that Senators Paul, Gillibrand and Booker proposed on Tuesday? Does it have a chance in front of the Senate or not? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.



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