Tech Leaders and Rand Paul Agree at Vanity Fair Summit: The Government is Broken

Tech Leaders and Rand Paul Agree at Vanity Fair Summit: The Government is Broken

Rand Paul famously warned that the Tea Party was coming to take their government back. If Paul’s recent appearance at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit is anything to go by, he’s going to have more than a few tech leaders supporting him.

Tech leaders Eric Schmidt of Google and John Doerr of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins joined Paul and journalist-cum-host Bob Woodward at the Vanity Fair sponsored event. The politically-flavored panel was just one of 11 similarly star-studded panels at the New Establishment Summit but, so far, it has been the one to make the greatest impact.

For more than an hour the three panelists confounded their host by doing something that few political panels ever do: agree. If the Washington Post legend Woodward expected arguments from Schmidt, Doerr, and Paul, he was sorely mistaken as the three managed to find common ground on everything from education reform to entrepreneurship.

When it came to education and as Nellie Bowles, a contributor to, reported, there was agreement that the less the federal government was involved, the better things would be for students.

“The panel agreed,” wrote Bowles, “that we need more education entrepreneurs, and less regulation and less centralized authority around schools.”

“Paul called out the Internet as a good model: “No one’s in charge of the Internet, and look how good the Internet’s going.”

Moving on to entrepreneurship, the panel took to the Vanity Fair Summit’s ‘Age of Innovation’ theme with gusto. Even registered Democrat Doerr could not resist lampooning the failure of big government to provide even the most basic services, with all three panelists pointing to the failure of the Obama administration to build a functioning website for Obamacare as a key case in point.

Again, Schmidt and Doerr lined up alongside the Kentucky Senator, perplexing Woodward who was expecting friction. Bowles reports that, at one point, Woodward turned to Doerr and said accusingly “You sound like a Republican!”

What Bob Woodward doesn’t seem to yet grasp is that – Republican or Democrat – American politics is changing, and for the better. Whether you are a hardworking Congressman from Kentucky, one of the world’s tech leaders, or just a regular citizen, the people of the United States are coming to take their government back. What motivated you to join the movement to take back your government? Share your story with us on Facebook.

Written by Dylan Kissane


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