Tea Party vs Establishment: Who Did Paul Side With in North Carolina?

Tea Party vs Establishment: Who Did Paul Side With in North Carolina?

Career Politicians” is one of the phrases Rand Paul hates most. It’s certainly not one that has been used to describe him, but as the primary elections are underway for the midterms, Paul has made it clear that he doesn’t want the wrong people anywhere near Washington. That’s why he took a quick trip to North Carolina on Monday.

Paul just wrapped up a visit to North Carolina where he was cheering for Tea Party hopeful Dr. Greg Brannon who was running for the Senate. Unfortunately, after the North Carolina primary elections finished, Brannon was not waved on to the next fight. But the message is still loud and clear: Rand Paul looks to upset the status quo.

In a pre-showdown between 2016 candidates, Jeb Bush backed another candidate, Thom Tillis, who won the primary election. And many are surprised, now that Paul’s name is obviously going to be thrown around for 2016, that Rand Paul would have backed such a toxic name in NC. After some potentially dubious comments by Brannon—comparing food stamps to slavery, saying 9/11 was committed by the government, or that the Supreme Court “has no power to enforce their opinion”—it could make it harder for his campaign to gain momentum.

He did have something to say that actually made some sense though:

“I keep hearing that the Tea Party is dead. But that doesn’t seem true to me … the Tea Party is the conscience of the Republican Party,” Brannon said.

The conscience of the Republican Party? Rand Paul likes the sound of that, especially in the primary battles where he’s looking to shape the kind of government he sees would best fit the Tea Party’s politics.

Often contentious with his own colleagues in Washington, Paul has taken a different approach now that the Executive Branch looks to be a bit more open for the Kentucky Senator. He even went as far as supporting Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, even though the two have not seen eye to eye in the past.

And that’s the common thread being woven here; Paul picking his battles, making sure he adheres to his values and beliefs, and yet still being able to play the game and support someone as wasteful to American people’s tax dollars as McConnell, because Paul knows he’ll need him in 2016 to win the primary over whoever challenges him.

As Paul looks to upset the status quo in North Carolina and the rest of America, one can’t wait for the debate for 2016 between Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, and for the words “career politician” to come out and sting the ears.

Did Paul choose the right candidate to back in North Carolina? Share your thoughts below or on Facebook!


(Photo courtesy of Valerie Hinojosa, via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)


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