Takes 8 Republicans and $60 Billion For a Backwards Budget Deal

Takes 8 Republicans and $60 Billion For a Backwards Budget Deal

Eight republicans. That’s all the Democrats need to pass the Ryan-Murray budget deal, according to CBSNews. And Rand Paul won’t be one of them.

“It is time to get serious here, and this deal not only does not do it, it takes us backwards,” writes Paul on Breitbart.

Any Republicans who cross over will have to deal with the wrath of the Tea Party and other conservative groups, according to CNN. This could prove a dangerous move for those considering a 2014 re-election or a presidency in 2016.

Add on disgruntled Republicans from the filibuster fallout and there’s a possibility that there won’t be any smooth sailing in the Senate for the budget deal.

Unless, of course, fear of another government shutdown crashing down on the GOP’s head overrules judgment.

If you listen to the media, it looks like the budget deal is a pass. Then one looks at those in politics who just sigh and relent, wanting to keep momentum flowing, and it looks even more likely that the deal will pass.

However, not everyone thinks like that. It’s a fight that Marc A. Thiessen of The Washington Post feels the Republicans can win, if they dare.

“Trying to defund Obamacare was a losing battle; standing behind the Budget Control Act is a winning one. During the shutdown, Republicans were trying to force Obama and the Democrats to change current law. Here, they would be saying: Let’s not change current law at all. These are the spending cuts both sides agreed to. …

Are Democrats really going to shut down the government in January to bust spending caps they voted for and Obama signed into law? Of course not.

If they tried, all the arguments they used in the shutdown fight would be turned against them. Back then, Democrats accused Republicans of refusing to accept current law — Obamacare. Now Democrats would be refusing to accept current law — the Budget Control Act. …

To win a fight over Obamacare, Republicans had to force Democrats to undo their signature achievement. To win the fight over the Budget Control Act, Republicans don’t have to do anything. They simply have to defend the status quo. They need to sustain current law.” (Washington Post: Opinions)

It’s a tough call.  A budget deal going through could provide some governmental stability but is it worth $60 billion? Or adding $7 trillion in additional debt?



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