Syria Crisis Shows How Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Is The Best Choice

Syria Crisis Shows How Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Is The Best Choice

Rahm Emanuel is infamous for saying “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Following in those footsteps, Hillary Clinton seemed rather unwilling to let the Syria crisis go unwasted. Recently Rand Paul lambasted her shady arms deals, and laid the blame for the current refugee problem at her feet.

Now it is true that the Syria crisis is complex, but Paul’s allegations and the supporting evidence that Hillary funneled arms to Syria is pretty damning. The U.S. has a long history of trying to pick winners and losers in the Mideast, and we usually wind up getting bombed or stuck with a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions on our hands.

Senator Paul’s hands off approach to foreign policy stands in stark contrast to the current game of handing out guns, fighter jets and money to any two-bit group sitting on top of oil that pretends to like us. While Americans struggle at home with complex social issues and an unstable economy, Hillary’s State Department is gleefully selling and giving arms away that wind up in the hands of some of the worst people on the planet.

Now, as Europe and now America start taking in Syrian refugees, we have to face the consequences of our meddling in foreign affairs. Certainly the great and wealthy industrial nations have a moral obligation to give humanitarian aid to desperate and starving people, but the first and greatest aid we can give them is to stop playing God and trying to reorganize their governments or fund opposition groups in the faint hopes of combating the vague specter of global terrorism or nation states that don’t have our form of government.

The blood of thousands is on Hillary’s hands for playing rebel groups like so many pawns on a chessboard, and the American people need to stand with Rand Paul to demand an end to this sort of un-American meddling in matters not our own.

The Syria crisis has shaken the entire western world as it attempts to deal with desperate refugees and sudden cultural clashes. Rand Paul wants to make America strong from the inside out. When we take care of our own people, clean up our own messes, and once again light the lamp of liberty for our own people, then we can reach out to others and off them a friendly hand up, instead of handing out arms to anyone who might sell us a few barrels of oil down the road. What do you think? Did Hillary make things worse in Syria? Should we send the bill for ten thousand refugees to the Clinton foundation? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Steve Coffman

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