Supreme Court Missed Opportunity For Fixing Worst Parts Of Obamacare

Supreme Court Missed Opportunity For Fixing Worst Parts Of Obamacare

This past Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that despite ambiguous wording in the writing of the law Obamacare subsidies still apply nationwide.

While President Barack Obama celebrated the Obamacare ruling by the Supreme Court, saying it is now ‘woven in the fabric of America’, Republicans were less than happy with it.

House Speaker John A. Boehner said the law is broken and that it raises costs for families and small businesses. He also said:

“We’re going to continue our efforts to do everything we can to put the American people back in charge of their health care and not the federal government.” (NY Times)

Supreme Court ‘Missed An Opportunity’ To Fix Obamacare, Says Rand Paul

In an interview for CNN, Senator Rand Paul stated:

“…We made a mistake. If they would have ruled and adhered to the literal nature of the law, maybe Congress would have had a chance to take up Obamacare again and try to make it less bad or fix the parts of it that are causing so many problems in our society.”

Paul continued:

“I really think Obamacare is making all insurance more expensive and taking away choice. So I am disappointed that we’ve missed an opportunity here.”

Reacting to a question from Fox News that the Supreme Court decision actually alleviates GOP from having to produce some kind of solution to the ruling, Paul said he is as a physician and as a Republican senator completely at odds with it.

WATCH: Sen. Rand Paul Denies GOP Is Relieved By Obamacare Ruling

The worst part, he said, was that Obamacare takes away the patient’s right to choose his or her own doctor as well as their choice to buy less expensive insurance plans.

After the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare subsidies, it remains to be seen which states, if any, will maintain their own health insurance market. With the decision to make federal subsidies universally accessible to all, one New York Times writer predicts that less and less states are expected to run their own exchanges.

Do you agree with Paul when he says the Supreme Court missed an opportunity with Obamacare? What else do you think is wrong with the Affordable Care Act? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Don’t forget to show your support for Rand Paul by sending us a tweet.

Written by Vladimir Covic; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Fibonacci Blue, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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