State of the Union: Playing Small Ball

State of the Union: Playing Small Ball

President Obama delivered his State of the Union Speech yesterday and in almost miniscule fashion he is now looking at the smallest things he can do without congressional approval.  He says that he is tired of waiting and dealing with stalled plans.

This is in sharp contrast to what he said as candidate Obama, the Obama of 2007 and reiterated in 2008.  In which he was going to ask his incoming Attorney General to look through every single executive order that President Bush had done with a fine toothed comb and see if in fact he violated the Constitution, because he said that this is no way to run a government.  The President has to work with Congress and candidate Obama pointed out that since he has ten years of teaching constitutional law he knew where he was coming from.

Interesting how just 5 years in the White House has changed him.  Now he does not want to wait for Congress.  Now he wants to take his pen, write executive orders and move on.  The amazing thing about this is why he is spending so much time trying to come up with things that he, the President, can do without them instead of really reaching across the aisle.

I guess it was all summarized when he invited the Republicans and of course the Democrats up several years ago and when John McCain was making comments and Obama basically stopped McCain and said ‘John I won, you didn’t’ … I guess this describes where Obama is coming from.   In my mind, most of the things that he says he is going to put into law by executive order are Very Small Things.

Obama is going to be challenged in the courts, as he should be, and we should resist  as a country any attempt by any president to govern by executive order.

That isn’t why the Constitution was created in the first place.  So I am in fact surprised that he took So much time out of the State of the Union to basically talk about how he has the highest authority in the nation.

I guess if candidate Obama was in the audience, he would be jeering and cat-calling but President Obama viewed it as a victory lap.

If you think that this is a ridiculous way to run a government like, comment, share, and subscribe.  Please comment on how you think that President Obama should have handled himself and how we can restore sanity in the government.


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