Stamp Out Food Stamp Fraud

Stamp Out Food Stamp Fraud

Have you heard about the millionaire who is receiving food stamps?

That’s right, an American with over $1 million is getting government aid to buy food. And even worse – he’s doing so completely legally.

His name is Larry Ficke, a Michigander who won $2 million playing the Michigan lottery. But since his income was, technically, still miniscule, he was able to continue using his Bridge Card.

Ficke, by the way, bought an Audi convertible after winning the lottery.

And he was on food stamps still, 11 months, after hitting the jackpot.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wants to eliminate that kind of blatant abuse from the food stamp program by overhauling the federal SNAP program, opting instead for a state-run system of aid.

Writes Eric W. Dolan of Raw Story:

“’Our system of helping ensure that no one goes hungry in our country is a noble one, but we’re now asking to spend $750 billion on food stamps,’ he said on the Senate floor…Paul offered an amendment to the farm bill that would convert the SNAP program into block grants, requiring states to administer the program. The amendment would have cut $280 billion over the next decade by freezing annual funding at $45 billion, according to Paul.”

The current farm bill already had $4.5 billion in cuts to the federal SNAP program over the next 10 years, which the Congressional Budget Office says would leave about 500,000 American households with an average of $90 less per month than before.

No word on where the millionaire figures into that equation.

Really, this goes back to Paul’s strict belief in the Constitution of the United States. It states that the federal government’s powers only extend to what’s listed in the Constitution itself. So if something is not written as explicitly being under the purview of the federal government, then they have no business being involved. It’s up to the states to pursue (or not pursue) whatever they choose.

One of those things is food stamps and domestic aid. Paul’s proposal would take that power out of the federal government’s hands (which it shouldn’t have been in anyway) and place it back with the 50 states it belongs to.

The amendment was shot down by the way, by a 65-33 vote. But you can bet it won’t be the last you’ll hear from Paul on the issue.



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