Sorry, Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio! The “Republican of The Year” Award Goes To…

Sorry, Bush & Rubio! "Republican of The Year" Award Goes To...

Florida has two potential presidential candidates, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, but Floridians in Sarasota have someone else in mind for “Republican of the Year”.

Before Rand Paul was officially dubbed “Republican of the Year” by the Sarasota GOP last weekend, he was in Orlando for the Orange County Lincoln Day Dinner.

But that wasn’t enough for him! Rand was at a private fundraiser hosted by Diane and Joel Schleicher after the Sarasota GOP reception on Saturday, and then shared a screen with Edward Snowden (Okay, okay, admittedly not at the same time) at the International Students For Liberty Conference. His father, Ron Paul, spoke at the same conference earlier on Friday and was, of course, asked a question or two about his son.

His father can’t make it too easy, right? Send us your vote for “Republican of the Year” on Twitter or Facebook.

(Photos courtesy of The World Affairs Council and Gage Skidmore)



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