Should It Be Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

Should It Be Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter has become a visible face in the civil rights community, and not only have they caught Rand Paul’s attention, he’s caught theirs. However, like many grassroots movements, especially those who do not have a central leadership controlling who can use the name, the movement is having problems.

Without a doubt African Americans have suffered centuries of persecution and discrimination in this country, it’s written plain as day in history, and even now, there is much to overcome. The criminal justice system in this country is rigged against the poor and undereducated, and millions of Americans who want to better their lives are trapped in a vicious cycle of underemployment, poverty and substandard education, which only serves to set the cycle anew. This becomes the perfect breeding ground for crime and oppression by big government, to whom these people must turn in an attempt to break the cycle.

When Rand Paul spoke of becoming more inclusive with their name, that Black Lives Matter change their name to “All Lives Matter” or “Innocent Lives Matter”, he’s one civil rights leader trying to help another civil rights group. Without a doubt, black lives matter, and in the last year or so, America has been shown just how bad big government abuses can be in the inner city. But the same system of corruption and abuse of civil rights that exists in the inner city spills out and grows, fueled by public indifference to the plight of the urban poor. When we say all lives matter, or innocent lives matter, we are saying that it does not matter what color your skin is, what your cultural group is, or to whom you pray, or who you are married to, but rather that as an American your life is precious, regardless of your social standing.

Black Lives Matter has helped to show us the man behind the curtain, and that man is the jack booted thug of tyranny and oppression, handed a badge and an army surplus armored vehicle with which to wage some vague war on the American people in the name of safety and security, and we know what THAT does to liberty. Rand Paul stands for freedom and liberty against tyranny. He says all lives matter. What do you say? Is it time to expand to the next level of all lives mattering? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of The All-Nite Images, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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