Sen. Paul’s Chances: Is Digression Tradition’s Only Hope?

Sen. Paul’s Chances: Is Digression Tradition’s Only Hope?

It is no secret Rand Paul is, for the most part, greatly respected across the board in the game of politics. Many Americans appreciate the Kentucky senator’s honesty. However, some don’t think he holds the qualifications needed to run the nation.


Despite Sen. Paul’s respectability, only one in four Americans think he qualifies for the American presidency, according to the latest Economist/YouGov Poll. Even more shockingly, only one in three Republicans find his plausible presidential campaign agreeable.

Here is a motif—it is strange that an honest politician could be considered unqualified for the most important job in America. Maybe that explains the current man in office. This is digression.


Although the reasoning behind the doubts of his qualification remains uncertain, there are some prevalent factors, which may play a role in the odd fixture we call Sen. Paul’s image. Be that as it may, Paul is not as odd as some believe. Yet, some people (particularly liberal) believe the man to not only be wrong, but quite literally “crazy.”


Slow down, Democrats, and Republicans, please speed up. Let’s take it step by step.


For starters, Sen. Paul is a Libertarian. Because of this, he is found more favorable in the eyes of independent parties than any other (approval rating of 41% versus a 34% unapproved rate).  Additionally, Rep. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a better-known Republican than Paul in the traditional sense. Due to Gov. Bush’s family ties to former presidents, his chances of high recognition are not hurt (unless you were not a fan of his relative[s] in office). Moreover and possibly unfortunately, the popularity of Bush’s name could play a higher influence to how he is viewed in the eyes of conservatives than his actual policies. As of now, Paul is second to Bush for the Republican nomination.


The irony of it all is Paul’s placement in the untraditional category. Paul’s differences among fellow Republicans are only relevant to what conservatism has been in the past two decades. In reality, Paul is the most traditional of his fellow partisans, but this is not how he is viewed, big picture.


Most people who have abnormal ideas, as Paul allegedly does, are often considered unhinged in the head. This is something all leaders and innovators must deal with. It comes with the territory, as they say. However, so does doing what a leader has to.


When we speak of true tradition, we refer to the United State’s foundation. Paul’s main objective is to carry out what is possibly the most traditional action of all, which is holding the American people and government accountable to, by, and what is found in the Constitution.


Here is that motif again—it is strange that a politician who puts the Constitution as his or her ultimate guideline for the country could be considered unqualified for the most important job in America. Maybe that explains the current man in office. This is digression.


Or is it? You decide.


Is America destined to further separate itself from the principles the nation was founded on? Express your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments section below.


Ultimately, one thing is for certain. Rand Paul’s shot at the American presidency lives and dies by what the country thinks of the Constitution. More seriously, only time will tell how the people think of themselves as a nation. If we want a chance to give a real answer, we must ask who we want to run in 2016.


 Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons



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