Sen. Damon Thayer Gives a Hint About Rand’s Future 2016 Plans

Sen. Damon Thayer Gives a Hint About Rand’s Future 2016 Plans


Rand is killing us here with all the waiting but then again running for President is all about good timing. However, we may have gotten a small hint from State Senator Damon Thayer last week about Rand’s future 2016 plans.

Previously we wrote about how Paul might run into a problem with Kentucky state law if he ran for both the Senate and the White House in 2016. Thayer finally introduced the bill last week that would clear that particular obstacle to Paul’s future 2016 plans. Senator Damon Thayer clarified further saying that “current Kentucky law, which prevents someone from running for multiple offices, does not apply to federal elections.”

It’s not the greenlight for 2016 that we’re waiting for from Paul but I agree with Sam Youngman of the Lexington Herald-Leader that this ‘little dilemma’ gives Paul an opportunity to “see early on who is with him and who’s not.”

If anything, we know that Paul is “100% committed”  to running for re-election in the Senate and, depending on how things go with Sen. Mitch McConnell’s own bid for reelection, there’s a chance that Rand might even become the “senior U.S. senator from Kentucky.” (Yes, yes, I know how everyone is a “big” fan of McConnell……………)

Paul’s still teasing us with his future 2016 plans but at least he’s winning 2014! Sen. Damon Thayer is clearing the way for Rand by working on that tricky Kentucky state law but do you think it’ll be a problem? Should Paul just go all-in on the Presidency? Leave your thoughts below or on Facebook!



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