Second Amendment Rights Protected! “Green Tip” Ammo Ban Avoided for Now

Second Amendment Rights Protected! “Green Tip” Ammo Ban Avoided for Now

A ban on the “green tip” ammo, proposed by the ATF, will be delayed until further notice, the Bureau announced on Tuesday.

The highly criticized ban targets M855 “green tip” ammo for its ability to pierce bullet-proof vests worn by police. The opponents of this ban, however, claim contrary and that the ATF ban undermines their Second Amendment rights.

The “Duel” is not Yet Over

On Monday, Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul called his supporters and anyone who is against the ammunition ban to overflow the ATF with negative comments about the ban.

In a letter, posted on the RANDPAC website, Senator Paul wrote:

“President Obama is determined to cement his anti-gun agenda into law. I’m counting on your immediate action to help RANDPAC flood the agency with a message from America’s pro-gun majority.”

This worked, as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was flooded with over 80,000 comments, all against the proposed banning of the M855 cartridges and had to buckle under the pressure of Republicans and gun owners.

However, the victory that the Second Amendment supporters gained here could only be temporary, as the ATF is quite clear in their intention to put the proposed ban back to the draft board.

The “green tip” ammo ban could reemerge in a few months.

Why are People Against the “Green Tip” Ammo Ban?

Advocates of the “green tip” ammo ban claim that it has the ability to penetrate bullet-proof vests worn by police officers and that, since it can be loaded into a concealed weapon, this type of ammunition should be banned from use.

However, the ban is strongly opposed by the Republican Party and the NRA, who both say that the ATF ban is contrary to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

According to them, this is a “backdoor entry” to complete gun control.

In an interview to Fox News, executive director of the NRA, Chris Cox said that, according to the FBI, there have been no reported incidents of officers being shot with handguns containing one of the bullets.

Do you think that the ATF’s “green tip” ammo ban violates our Second Amendment rights? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates.


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