Same Old Politics in 2014 With ‘Juggernaut’ Plot Twist

Same Old Politics in 2014 With ‘Juggernaut’ Plot Twist

So politics in 2014, what’s going to happen? I could tie a scarf around my head, summon all my cats, and wave my hands over chicken bones (formerly dinner), and even then I could give you a good guess for what will happen in 2014: a lot of what didn’t happen in 2013.

We all have leftovers from the holidays, right? You put in all that effort so, of course, you’re going to save it for later. Except when you come back, ahem, there’s a new species growing on the mashed potatoes, and everything looks distinctly… fuzzy. Edible leftovers may be tolerable but political leftovers, not so much. Will leftovers from 2013 be any easier to digest in 2014? According to The Hill, we’re looking at things like immigration reform, the farm bill, unemployment benefits (we can skip that one) and, of course, the debt-ceiling.

Ah, the debt-ceiling fight, Democrats don’t think Republicans will dare, and Mitch McConnell (R-Kent.) is already firing shots (“Mitch McConnell Predicts Debt Ceiling Won’t Be Raised Without A Hostage“.) It’s the next battle for politics in 2014 if you go by all the headlines.

Other political topics that will rear their heads again in 2014 is the NSA, Iran, Afghanistan, annnnd Obamacare — The impact of the latter alone will be engraved on people’s gravestones, most likely Democrats.

The disaster of Obamacare is enough to “swing the election towards the Republicans,” said Rand Paul on  Aaron Klein’s WABC Radio show. He’s already predicting that the Republican Party will be the “juggernaut” of 2014.

“…There are seven U.S. Senate seats that are very winnable and maybe another two… So it is looking to be a juggernaut in 2014, mainly because Obamacare is not fixable, [and] continues to get worse.”

Of course, the 2014 elections will play into everything. There’s “36 gubernatorial races, 35 Senate races and dozens of potentially competitive House contests,” according to Chris Cillizza of Washington Post, to greet the new year. Everyone’s going to be getting their game on.

So that’s potential politics in 2014: many old issues with a nice Republican twist in the plotline courtesy of 2014 elections.



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