Ryan-Murray Budget Deal Ignores ‘Tax’ Word, Promises ‘Good Stuff’ Later

Ryan-Murray Budget Deal Ignores ‘Tax’ Word, Promises ‘Good Stuff’ Later

Pay more now, save in 10 years. That sums up the Ryan-Murray budget deal. Sequester cuts? Government spending caps? Don’t worry about those. We’re going to put that aside for now and maybe we’ll get back to them in 10 years. No wonder Sen. Paul and many other Republicans are saying ‘hell no’ on this budget deal.

“The Ryan-Murray plan decreases the only cuts from the sequester and replaces them with the promise of cuts in the future,” writes Paul on Breitbart.

This is not a budget “deal.” It is a surrender. It is a cave in.”

Sean Hannity made an interesting observation while questioning Paul Ryan which highlights the absurdity of this:

HANNITY: “The savings come at the back-end of the ten-year period, and you and I both know that future Congresses are not going to be beholden to this deal, and it’s probably going to change many times in-between. And this is a big criticism of Washington in general. You get the tax increases now, you get this now and then all the good stuff will come later.” (via Daily Caller)

IF it happens. Yes, it can be reversed at some point. Just like how the sequester cuts were undone. And Paul Ryan’s excuse: We need to elect more Republicans.

And that litte term “tax increases” which Ryan says has nothing to do with taxes. Matthew Yglesias over at Slate (who unfortunately agrees that the deal is a good one) caught that bit of ‘terminology’:

“Officially, the deal has no tax increases. Instead it hikes “user fees” of various kinds. So, for example, the “fee” assessed to air passengers to pay for aviation security will be increased. But no taxes will be raised.

Get it?

I hope you do. I sure don’t. I’m flying to San Antonio with my wife in January, and I just checked the receipt for our airfare. It contains a line item for “taxes, fees, and surcharges” which are listed separately from “airfare.”

…Delving into deeper detail, I see I’m paying a U.S. Federal Transportation Tax, a U.S. Flight Segment Tax, a Sept. 11 Security Fee, and a U.S. Passenger Facility Charge. The first two are taxes, the third is a fee, while the fourth, I suppose, is a surcharge. But what’s the difference? I think it’s pretty obvious that there isn’t one. The fee is a kind of tax, just one that’s called a fee.” (Slate)

And Paul comments: “I don’t care what you call them – “fees,” “revenues” – if more money leaves the hands of the taxpayers and goes to the government, it is a tax increase. So let’s stop playing word games in Washington.”

The Ryan-Murray budget deal is on its way to the Senate next week. With Republicans in the Senate pulling all-nighters this past week in retribution for the filibuster reform, I can’t imagine the deal going through smoothly in that arena.

(Photo courtesy of Pat (Cletch) Williams, via Flickr Creative Commons)



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