Rule Change Raises Stakes for 2014 Elections

Rule Change Raises Stakes for 2014 Elections

The filibuster nuke has done its damage shifting the Senate over to a majority mob rule, but it has its positive. There’s always the possibility of a reversal. So the key question now is what if the Republicans become the majority in 2015? According to the HuffPost, Harry Reid just raised the stakes for the 2014 elections:

…Thanks to Reid’s power move, the stakes for 2014 include control of a Senate that can either be a stronger aid to Obama in the furtherance of his agenda or, if the GOP can take over, an even more effective check on the executive’s ambitions.

Megan McArdle of Bloomberg suggests that this move with the filibuster reform might be because the Democrats don’t feel that confident about 2014:

“Yes, obviously the Democrats are mad about Republican obstructionism, but they were mad three weeks ago, and they didn’t abolish the filibuster then.

One way to interpret this is that they are confident that they will retain their majority in 2014, and so they have no immediate need to worry about minority rights. But it would be insane for Reid to have grown more confident in the last six weeks. No, I think that this shows the opposite: They think it’s very likely that they will lose their Senate majority in 2014. They are essentially writing off the last two years of Obama’s presidency, which means getting as much done as possible right now.”

Unfortunately, it looks like the president is now free to stack the D.C. circuit court any way he likes, giving his future regulations an easy rubber stamp for clearance. We already have Obamacare. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for industry sectors outside of healthcare.

Meanwhile that big question for the 2014 elections remains: What if the Republicans retake the Senate?



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