Rethinking the ‘False Security’ of America

Rethinking the ‘False Security’ of America

Maybe we are not thinking deeply enough about the way America handles security or, worst yet, where it’s going to lead us. We all see it as that extra bit of everyday inconvenience, but it’s just a ‘temporary’ way of life, right? The government is here to protect us, or is it? When Paul uses book-burning as an example in his recent exclusive for Breitbart News, he’s reminding us how easy we’re allowing our freedoms to be burned away for a false security.

Why use books as an example? Aren’t most of them works of fiction of worlds that will never, ever possibly come true? Like “1984″? So why does the government need to know what you’re reading? And who you’re talking to on the phone? Why do they need the intimate details of our lives in order to supposedly protect us?

“We have been too lax in giving up our privacy,” states Paul on Breitbart News. “We are trading our liberty for some sort of sense of ostensible security. Look at how we travel now, the personal privacy and dignity we’ve lost, something the TSA might have reminded some Americans over the Thanksgiving holiday.”

Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman has asked, “The next time airport security tells you to put your hands over your head and hold that vulnerable position for seven seconds, ask yourself: Is this the posture of a free man?”

And who will prevent the burning away of our liberties? That’s you. That’s us. We need to re-examine our current policies when it comes to absolute safety. Settling for a false security doesn’t protect us. Senator Paul feels it’s worth more than just a momentary pause for reflection. It’s time to re-examine the things that are precious to us all, not only Safety and Security, but Liberty and Freedom. Because if we lose these things in our fiery passion to fix a desperate problem, does it do any good if we end up burning it all down in the process?

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