Restoring Rights To Ex-Felons An Important Project For Rand Paul

Restoring Rights To Ex-Felons An Important Project For Rand Paul

Ever seeking meaningful reform, Rand Paul at a Louisville Goodwill once again has voiced support for restoring rights to felons after they finished their sentences.

Restoring voting rights to ex-felons is a contentious issue on both sides of the aisle. The tough on crime right wing often favors increasingly draconian measures that ensure a person remains a part of the prison industrial complex for decades, while the left pays lip service to criminal justice reform without doing much.

Rand Paul chastised the GOP for claiming to be pro family, and then locking non violent felons up for years and years on end, taking them away from their children, their families and destroying their income earning ability. Often many non violent felons are handed steep mandatory sentences that far exceed the scope of their crimes, and when they are eventually released, struggle to return to society after being branded as a felon.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has created a Criminal Justice Policy Assessment Council which is designed to help modernize criminal justice and drive the sort of real world reform that Senator Paul has long encouraged.

The reality is America imprisons more people per capita than any other nation on earth. This is a terrible figure for the “land of the free” and a big part of it is a deep seated cultural notion that the more people you lock up, and the longer you lock them up for, the less crime there will be. Unfortunately we can see that we cannot simply incarcerate our way to lower crime rates, and that these ignorant tough on crime laws, and knee jerk reactions to strip people of their rights and freedoms for even the most stupid of things is harming our nation and our nation’s families.

Restoring rights to ex-felons is an important step towards healing our broken criminal justice system, and Kentucky is leading the way in clearing a way for non violent criminals who have served their time to fully return to their communities as citizens. It’s easy to demand vicious, hard time for criminals, but it’s hard to look a man or woman in the face and say that they deserve years or decades away from their children because of a non violent offense. Join Kentucky and Rand Paul in holding a hand out to those people and welcoming them back to the community. Is Kentucky right to pursue realistic criminal justice reform? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of RachelH_, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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