Ref Rand Gives Point to Putin Over Obama

Ref Rand Gives Point to Putin Over Obama

If we’re going to keep score in the game of international politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently leading President Obama.

That was Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s take of the situation during an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio show.

Tal Kopan of Politico has a write-up:

“Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that at this point in the game, Russian President Vladimir Putin is beating President Barack Obama.

‘If this were a tennis match, it would be the umpire shouting, ‘Advantage Putin!’ He seems to be running circles around this administration,’ Paul said on Glenn Beck’s radio show on TheBlaze.”

Russia recently stole some of the spotlight in the international Syria discussion by proposing a plan that would not require military intervention. Instead, Syria would give up its stockpile of chemical weapons to the international community. Obama delayed a vote from U.S. Congress on a war resolution after Syria accepted the plan.

Paul has given credit partly to Obama for delaying the vote, and exploring non-violent, diplomatic options. And he also gave credit to the anti-war Congressmen, who have rallied and spoken up in the last two weeks to stop any hasty reactions from the Obama administration that might have led to an unauthorized military strike.

At one point in the interview, conservative stalwart Beck posed a premise: Is America’s standing in the world, as one of its superpowers, now no longer the case? And is Russia, with their headstrong proposal, taking America’s place?

Paul disagreed with the premise however.

“’I would see that Russia is grasping, they’re grasping to try to look like a superpower that they once were, and I don’t think they are,’ Paul said, saying the U.S. remains a superpower but doesn’t look like one.

Even with his criticisms, the senator said he believes the administration’s missteps don’t ruin America’s credibility internationally.

‘I don’t take [Obama’s] insecurities and inabilities to make decisions, I don’t see that as something that damns all of America,’ Paul said.”

Negotiations between Russia, Syria, and the United Nations remained ongoing at the time of the interview. The game is far from being over. But right now, if you ask Ref Rand who is in the lead…

Well, you saw his scorecard.

PS: Note the featured photo of President Putin shaking Hands with Obama. Putin’s body language shows a distinct and clear dislike for Obama.



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