Why Did Obama Send Taxpayer Money to Egypt’s Morsi?

Why Did Obama Send Taxpayer Money to Egypt’s Morsi?

Why did the United States support President Mohammend Morsi of Egypt? Sen. Rand Paul brings up this important question in his Op-Ed. The Obama administration was using taxpayer money, a reported 1.3 billion per year, to aid Egypt’s Morsi. It is now suspected that Obama dropped even more funds to Morsi – under the table.

Taxpayer Money Aided Egypt’s Morsi

On the one-year anniversary of President Mohammed Morsi’s inauguration, tens of thousands of Egyptians marched in the streets of Cairo in an effort to remove him from office.

The Associated Press described the protesters as “an array of secular and liberal Egyptians, moderate Muslims, Christians – and what the opposition says is a broad sector of the general public that has turned against the Islamists.”

You would think these protesters represent an Egypt more favorable or in line with American interests. Unfortunately, our government supported the regime of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Earlier this year, we sent Egypt’s government 20 F-16 fighter jets, Abrams tanks and other military aid.

So what if Egypt’s Morsi called Jews “bloodsuckers.” It’s alright to use taxpayer money to aid Morsi. He’s our pal, our friend, our ally. Or so the Obama administration says.

From Sen. Paul:

I introduced an amendment that would halt the transfer of advanced weapons to Egypt. I argued that the situation in that country was too volatile and that Morsi was not someone the United States should necessarily embrace.

My amendment was defeated in the Senate, 79 to 19.

…The problem with constantly intervening in these troubled parts of the world is that there are often no clear good guys or bad guys. Today’s ally can quickly become tomorrow’s enemy. This should be a paramount and obvious concern, but in Washington it is almost always treated as an afterthought.

An ethical evaluation of world leaders is not difficult. Just start with some simple rules. You shoot your own people, we don’t support you. You use our jets to buzz peaceful protesters, we take our jets back.

We like to say that Americans root for the underdog. But what is it about our mental ethical gauge that allows us to support the Morsies of the world? (Or how about the New York Yankees?)

…What kind of example do we set when we side with the enemies of freedom? How can we have influence in troubled parts of the world when we cuddle up to regimes responsible for much of the trouble?

How do you want your taxpayer money used? Do you really want it used to aid governments like that of Egypt’s Morsi? Even worse, there’s already a track record here as Sen. Paul points out in his Op-Ed. We also aided Morsi’s predecessor, Hosni Mubarak, who used “tear gas made in Pennsylvania and paid for with American taxpayer’s money” to deal with protestors (via abcnews.) Is this the kind of America you want to be paying for? Leave your thoughts below.



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