Rand Says Chemical Weapons Perpetrator Deserves Harsh Punishment

Rand Says Chemical Weapons Perpetrator Deserves Harsh Punishment

Up to this point Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has questioned just about every assumption put forth by the Obama administration in regards to Syria.

Do we know who used chemical weapons for sure? Does the country want to get involved in more military action in the Middle East? How will a strike affect the region, and is there the potential for further destabilization? Have we done enough diplomatically with other nations? How will the Christians in Syria be affected?

But don’t confuse Paul’s thoroughness for a lack of empathy, or being soft on chemical warfare. No, he made that very clear on “Fox News Sunday,” writes Byron Tau of Politico:

“Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday he was horrified by images of the chemical weapons attacks in Syria…

‘When I see the horror of the attacks, my first impulse that is whoever would order that deserves death,’ the Kentucky Republican said on ‘Fox News Sunday.’ ‘Someone who is a war criminal who would execute citizens and kill innocent people with any kind of weapon deserves death.’”

Like we said: Paul having doubts about American intervention isn’t a comment on whether the use of chemical weapons was right or wrong. But it is about deciding the best course of action, for all parties involved: America, Syria, the Syrian people, and the region.

And one of Paul’s issues with the Obama administration’s plan to strike Syria without boots on the ground, as a retaliation for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reportedly being the one behind the chemical weapons attacks: Would the U.S. plan accomplish what is intended? Paul isn’t sure.

 “But, Paul said, the Obama administration’s policy ‘is not to target [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, not to target regime change and to really be so surgical and so specific that it doesn’t affect the outcome of the war.’

Paul said that the strikes wouldn’t punish Assad and may even further destabilize the country or increase the odds that chemical weapons end up in the hand of opposition forces.”

Again, more questions. Just don’t confuse that with indecisiveness or a tolerance for chemical weapons. Because Paul made clear that certainly isn’t the case.

You can see a short clip from Paul’s appearance below:

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