Rand Paul’s Peace Stance Popular in Poll

Rand Paul’s Peace Stance Popular in Poll

Numbers can be dangerous things, especially when they’re predicting voting polls. But a recent poll has found that the non-interventionist stance, that’s the position to NOT intervene in Syria, proclaimed by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul during the Syria debate may actually have helped the Republican Party, not hurt it – despite many of the old-school GOP leaders like John McCain loudly trumpeting the benefits of such an intervention.

Emily Ekins wrote about this concept for the Reason.com Hut & Run Blog:

“Paul’s consistent warnings of foreign entanglements abroad have surprised some who came to expect more hawkish foreign policy stances from Republicans.

This recent Reason-Rupe poll asked if having Republicans in Congress oppose US military intervention overseas made them (1) more or (2) less favorable toward the Republican Party, or (3) if it made no difference. Nearly 25% said it made them (1) more favorable while only 16 percent said less favorable.

Those are pretty dangerous numbers for the Democrats, especially considering the Republican Party has struggled to win national elections as of late.

The poll was conducted as the pro- and anti-U.S. Strike Congressmen and politicians held a very public debate over the correct course of action in Syria. Paul was the earliest, loudest, and most ardent voice against U.S. involvement. But he’s slowly gathered more and more supporters as the conversation dragged on.

The public clearly heard the Kentucky senator, and his message must have resonated considering the positive reaction to the Republican party during Paul’s protests. The poll also showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans also doubt the necessity of U.S. involvement – basically Paul’s message since the beginning.

And that wasn’t the only thing they agreed about.

“While President Obama has not ruled out the possibility of launching military airstrikes against Syrian military targets even without Congressional approval, Paul argues this is unconstitutional. Even aside from constitutionality concerns, nearly three-fourths of Americans oppose airstrikes without Congress passing a resolution…Similarly, Reason-Rupe finds roughly half of Americans (47 percent) believe the political establishment in Washington DC is more likely to favor military action than the public [a point Paul has also hammered home].”

As I wrote above, extrapolating numbers from one poll can be dangerous. But what this poll does confirm is a trend we’ve seen for awhile now, a trend that’s showing up in a number of recent polls – Americans don’t want to intervene militarily in Syria. And Rand Paul, by acting as their megaphone, continues to see his supporters increase.




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