Rand Paul’s Latest Book Examines The Christian Faith Of Presidents

Rand Paul’s Latest Book Examines The Christian Faith Of Presidents

The Christian faith of presidents has been noted from Washington to Obama. In fact, as Rand Paul notes in his latest book, Our Presidents & Their Prayers, faith has played an important role in every presidential administration.

Paul’s book underscores just what the Christian faith of presidents has meant both to presidents and to the nation as a whole. Of all the many disparate traditions and ideals, ranging from ancient Greek democratic ideals, to the cutting edge thinking of the Enlightenment that the Founders drew from when forming this great nation, Christianity stands out not only as the dominant religion of the time, but also as a source of a refined moral code.

It is that moral code which shaped much of Western thinking, and neatly supplements the philosophy of the ancients who preceded it which is still reflected in what makes America, America. Even president Obama acknowledges his Christian faith, and its value to him and his family.

While at the Presidential Family Value Forum in Kentucky, Paul along with other GOP hopefuls shared deeply personal stories of faith, prayer and discovery of God. Regardless of your religious beliefs, we can see that Christianity plays an important role in the lives of these candidates, and influences how they act and see the world.

WATCH: Liberty Requires Virtuous People | Presidential Family Value Forum

The faith of presidents has varied wildly from president to president. Some were deeply pious, others were borderline agnostic or took a less formal view of faith and religion. Yet even those least connected to a formal church turned to prayer and faith in times of crisis. Prayer and faith is a universal theme among the presidents, and Senator Paul has quietly demonstrated in his own way that he too shares this faith that has always been an undercurrent among American political life and political thinking.

We are blessed to live in a nation where there is a distinct freedom of and even from religion. We are fortunate to live in the most advanced and most prosperous nation this world has ever seen, and part of that prosperity comes from following the classically liberal teachings of Christ, and part of it comes from more perfectly adapting all the thought and philosophy from the entirety of Western Civilization. The Christian faith of presidents is a powerful part of the new philosophical tradition of America. As we reflect on our many blessings and hopefully take an example from Christ and reach out to those less fortunate, we need to remember that while the holder of the Office of the President of the United States may be the most powerful person on this planet, they have always turned on a bended knee to the most powerful Being in the universe in time of need. What do you think about prayer, faith and the presidency? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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