Rand Paul’s Crazy Prediction For 2016 At The MSGOP Victory Lunch

Rand Paul’s Crazy Prediction For 2016 At The MSGOP Victory Lunch

Let’s save time and skip over all the names, what-ifs, and maybes for 2016. After all, Sen. Rand Paul is already thinking about what will happen after the announcement is made for the Republican presidential nomination. It will definitely be a ‘spirited’ competition for the nomination, Paul mentioned before the MSGOP Victory Lunch on Monday, but there will be a victor and he predicts that when all is said and done…

“We’re all going to remain friends and in the end we’re going to sing ‘Kumbaya,'” joked Rand.

I know, I know. You can send me a tweet @ItsAPaulWorld to complain. All kidding aside, Paul made a more serious comment that didn’t involve singing or hand-holding during the MSGOP Victory Lunch press conference that could apply equally as well to the Republican presidential nomination.

“It’s like the marketplace,” answered Paul regarding whether or not the party needs to move to a more centrist, moderate approach. “The best one to present the message wins a lot of times, the one who has the best ideas. …There’s competition and hopefully the best ideas rise to the top.”

That’s what I want from the Republican nominee for president. I don’t want just good ideas; I want the BEST. He should stand out, go beyond boundaries, and be willing to think differently. I’m, of course, biased here but what do YOU want from the Republican presidential nomination? Send a tweet or leave a comment below.


WATCH: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Before MSGOP Victory Lunch
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