Rand Paul With Thom Tillis (VIDEO): We Want Choices First Not a Better Diet

Rand Paul With Thom Tillis (VIDEO): We Want Choices First Not a Better Diet

Let me throw a weird question at you: If you had to choose between a better diet or a better doctor, which would you pick? The answer seems obvious, right? It sounds like an odd thing to ask but then let’s bring Obamacare into the picture. Sen. Rand Paul shared his thoughts on that particular subject while in North Carolina Wednesday rooting for Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis.

With Obamacare, you get free diet counseling but you don’t get to choose your doctor,” Rand told a crowd during the Thom Tillis fundraiser. “These are fundamental American choices. It goes against the fabric of the country to have legislation that prevents you from having the choice of your own doctor.”

He’s right! I can grab a diet book from a bookstore at any time, but finding someone who I trust with my health shouldn’t be a hassle. When it comes down to the final line, we have to ask who is really benefiting from Obamacare because it doesn’t seem like it’s you or me. Share your Obamacare frustrations with me on Twitter or by leaving a comment on Facebook


WATCH: A Quick Rundown From ABC11 on the North Carolina Fundraiser

WATCH: Rand Paul Speaks About Obamacare at Thom Tillis Fundraiser
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