Immigration Reform – Rand Paul Wants to Deport Justin Bieber! (Okay, Maybe Not)

Immigration Reform – Rand Paul Wants to Deport Justin Bieber! (Okay, Maybe Not)

Obama wants to push immigration reform. Rand Paul agrees that immigration laws, especially border security, should be better. And…the White House has to decide whether or not to deport Justin Bieber?

This is happening. This is real. Once a petition on We the People reaches 100,000 signatures, “it will be reviewed by the Administration” and a response issued. Is this really Immigration Reform?

I have to admit this is not the face that comes to mind when I think about problems surrounding immigration. And I’m not alone. There’s probably one or two folks that don’t even want to utter Bieber in the same breath as immigration debate.

For those of us not under 13 (in fact, for those of us who haven’t seen our teenage years in decades…), Bieber is technically a Canadian citizen in the U.S. with a special work visa. And he’s been keeping himself busy with a DUI, drag racing, and I think there was mention of egging his neighbor’s house?

All in all, he’s not eating small children or on a massive killing spree so will he get deported? Most likely not.

But since we’re on the subject of deportation, let’s take a look at the big picture. The rough estimate of illegal aliens currently residing in the States is around 11 million. That count might even be higher at around 20 million, one source told the Washington Times in September.

With those kind of numbers, you would think that a large number of deportations take place every year, right?

Last year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported only 368,644 “removals.” Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times places that figure at 364,700 and according to his article, the budget is set for only 400,000 people. This is a figure that is actually difficult to reach (really?) because “Obama and the Homeland Security Department have placed so many illegal immigrants off-limits for deportations that they cannot find enough people to fulfill that quota.”

So here we have 11 million already here and less than 400,000 on the way out. Maybe we have a tiny problem regarding border security. Maybe we have a tiny problem with our President.

One of the issues that has been coming up with immigration reform, and one that Paul has pointed out before, is that Obama and Democrats keep pushing for a pathway for citizenship, but not enough for border security. If you push for one thing but don’t cover the other, what’s to prevent aliens from skipping the paperwork and just going right over the border for legal citizenship? You may have heard the Republican outcry over “amnesty”, yes?

Add on that Obama is deferring deportation. This would explain those skewed figures up above.

Border security is a problem and we have a President who isn’t reinforcing it on more than one level. No wonder the GOP are fighting the President over ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform.

Let’s face it. Deporting 11 million people is unrealistic and it’s not something Paul would ever advocate. However, we’ve got a couple issues here that’s exacerbating the problem. Sure, there’s public outcry over deporting one legal alien in the States causing trouble. (Remember we started with ‘deport Justin Bieber’? Yeah, I try to forget these things too.) But there’s always bigger issues to explore. I’m sure no one’s forgotten that Obama wants to use a ‘pen and phone’ to bypass Congress. Take a look at the deportation figures and you might think someone is trying to create a bigger problem and additional pressure on Congress to pass immigration laws the way he wants.

So.. We have deportation issues and immigration reform…

What do you see as the big issue and how do we fix it? Please let us know below.
(Photo courtesy of Adam Sundana, via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)



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