Rand Paul Wants To Block Obama From Sending Aid To Syria

Rand Paul Wants To Block Obama From Sending Aid To Syria

Recently announced, the Obama administration plans to send arms to Syrian rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. Apparently, there’s been reports that Assad has been using chemical weapons, but is this really enough to get the American people involved in an overseas civil war? Let me ask you, do you even know where Syria is located on a map? Hey, no cheating, no googling. According to the Daily Caller, Senator Paul doesn’t think this is a brilliant idea either and has introduced a new bill to block Obama from sending aid to Syria. Sponsoring this bill is Sens. Tom Udall (D), Chris Murphy (D), Mike Lee (R), and any goddamn American with even a lick of common sense.

Rand Paul Wants to Block Obama From Sending Aid to Syria

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is one of four senators on Capitol Hill who introduced a new bill…that would block [Obama] from getting involved in the Syrian civil war.

“The President’s unilateral decision to arm Syrian rebels is incredibly disturbing, considering what little we know about whom we are arming,” Paul said…

Said Paul: “Engaging in yet another conflict in the Middle East with no vote or Congressional oversight compounds the severity of this situation. The American people deserve real deliberation by their elected officials before we send arms to a region rife with extremists who seek to threaten the U.S. and her allies.”

This move to block Obama is reminder for common sense that gives big brownie points to Rand Paul, a leader who has really risen to the forefront of the Republican movement with actions like this and his legitimate filibuster earlier this year, proving he may be the shining future Presidential candidate that we’re all looking for.

Do you agree or disagree with Sen. Paul’s move to block Obama from sending aid to Syria? Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war.

In the following video clip, Senator Paul argues America should stay out of Syria’s civil war and against the dangers and unknown consequences of military intervention:

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