Rand Paul Unleashed: Second GOP Debate Calls for More Passionate Arguments

Rand Paul Unleashed: Second GOP Debate Calls for More Passionate Arguments

The Second GOP debate brings much promise and potential. Rick Perry has already dropped out, narrowing the playing field some, and Donald Trump is having a harder time dodging the difficult questions he can’t bluff his way through. Recent political commentary has suggested that the best way for Rand Paul to continue standing out in a field full of big government yes men is to have “two guys passionately debating an important issue.”

We saw that at the last debate between Paul and Christie over government surveillance and should hope to see similar during the second GOP debate. Paul’s greatest strength is his ability to build up a strong head of steam and passionately defend common sense civil rights when faced with a room full of people fighting to get on the ticket by defending the current disgusting status quo.

Let’s face it, the current crop of GOP hopefuls are by and large cut from the same cloth. While paying lip service to the idea of individual rights, small government and keeping government out of our personal lives, we have candidates who have supported unholy gun control acts, interject their religion in wildly inappropriate ways, and who seem quite content with trading liberty for security.

I for one do not care for these modern Republicans who seem to wake up each morning and inquire of their bathroom mirror if they are the most conservative of them all. Being conservative is all well and good. Taking it to hardline extremes leaves us with a room full of American Ayatollahs who are more interested in pandering to fear-mongering and offering solutions that increase the power of government and who mix church and state in ways that would make the most devout of the Founder’s stare in wide eyed disgust.

Rand Paul is the anti status quo, and the anti modern GOP. He is a throwback to those halcyon days when the GOP attracted men like Eisenhower and Martin Luther King Jr. Then, as now they were shining lights in a sea of social and racial turmoil and the GOP still stood for liberty and freedom. The second GOP debate should be Paul’s chance to once again be a light shining in a sea of political and intellectual darkness. His consistent and rational defense of personal liberty and freedom is an honest one and one that is welcoming to persons of all backgrounds and beliefs. We can only hope that once again he rings the bell of liberty loudly and strongly in this next debate. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Steve Coffman


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