Rand Paul Turns To Iowa To Show Polls Wrong About Him

Rand Paul Turns To Iowa To Show Polls Wrong About Him

Rand Paul’s absence from the GOP presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina on January 14th was pretty glaring for a lot of people.

Speaking about this, Rand’s father, Ron Paul believes Fox intentionally excluded his son from the GOP presidential debate:

“Rand has a different position on civil liberty and the war on drugs and Fox said: ‘No way, we’re not going to have you out there. We’re going to find a way to exclude you.’ So they excluded Rand Paul.” (Newsmax)

The two-time presidential candidate (2008 and 2012) however still believes Rand could make a big surprise and get the 2016 Republican nomination for president, a feeling he expressed on “The Steve Malzberg Show” last week.

Rand Paul Turns Full Force To Iowa Caucus

Naturally, the Kentucky senator was not thrilled about the last GOP presidential debate, but with the campaign long underway he has no time to waste thinking too much about it.

In fact, Paul is already looking ahead and planning his next moves. His attention is now focused on Iowa with only a week left until the caucus.

Talking about this, Paul said:

“We have 1,000 precinct chairs in Iowa, which was a pretty big accomplishment. That means in two-thirds of the precincts in Iowa, we have a precinct captain that will advocate, organize, get people to the caucus and speak for us on caucus night. We also announced that we made over 500,000 phone calls in Iowa organizing, finding our voters and trying to get our voters out to caucus.” (Kmaland)

According to Paul, several of his rival candidates lack an operation with the same level of sophistication. “Trump is just starting to get a ground game but it’s yet to be seen,” said Paul, noting that Trump holds large rallies, but that it’s not clear he’s teaching people to caucus.

Paul also said that he’s seen very little organizing from Rubio’s campaign in Iowa. (Rare)

“We Did Well In The Last Des Moines Poll”, Says Paul

According to a Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll, Paul fared a lot better than some other polls show. Paul, who finished 5th on the poll, ahead of Bush, Fiorina, Kasich and Christie, said this still doesn’t represent the support he gets from young and non-traditional voters.

“So the question is, if all the polls are underestimating the Ron Paul voters and not including them, does that mean our numbers are likely underestimated too? We think so.” This means, as Paul explained that not only are polls failing to count the youth vote, they’re missing the existing base of the liberty vote as well. (Rare)

What do you think about Rand Paul’s chances in Iowa? Was Fox wrong to exclude him from the GOP presidential campaign? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and show your support for Paul on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Vadon, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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