Rand Paul Talks About Getting Sh*t Done at Reboot Congress

Rand Paul Talks About Getting Sh*t Done at Reboot Congress

It’s CPAC for hipsters, “or at least Republican hipsters”, writes Emma Roller on the National Journal.The two-day Reboot Congress conference wraps up Thursday bringing us a “fireside chat” with our favorite Senator. You can watch it below.

What is Reboot Congress? Their motto for this year’s Reboot sums it up best: Get Sh*t Done. As Garrett Johnson, one of the founders of LincolnLabs, puts it:

“That’s ultimately what every American wants out of their government, is to get sh-t done; to solve problems, to put forward solutions and to figure out areas of politics of compromise.”

The National Journal continues with more background information on the group:

LincolnLabs was launched in 2013 by three young former Republican operatives. One of the group’s founders, Garrett Johnson, worked for Jeb Bush, who is now dealing with his own tech-related quandary. While the group is bipartisan (Democratic Rep. Jared Polis joins several Republicans in speaking at the conference), its work is an exemplar of the modern Republican Party, which is becoming more tech-focused, as exhibited by its love for ride-sharing services like Uber.

…And, much like many Silicon Valley peers, LincolnLabs’ solution is devastatingly earnest. The Reboot conference will include “‘Office Hours,’ in which developers, designers, and other technology experts will be matched with congressional staffers, think tank digital strategists, and campaign operatives to whiteboard solutions in person, and encourage communication between Washington, D.C. and technology hubs around the nation,” according to the group’s website.

What kind of answers will Sen. Rand Paul bring crossing the lines of technology and politics? Watch his Q&A at Reboot Congress with Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunchFollow us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates as we track the Senator on his journey to 2016.

(Note: Rand Paul’s Q&A starts after the screen that says “We’ll be right back”. Skip ahead in the video.)



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