RAND PAUL: Should We Re-Think Judicial Restraint?

RAND PAUL: Should We Re-Think Judicial Restraint?

Conservatives won’t like this, but then again we always learn the most from the ideas that challenge us. Can you spare a moment to consider something different? Sen. Rand Paul chose to stretch far beyond typical ideas about judicial restraint at the Conservative Policy Summit, hosted by the Heritage Action for America, on Tuesday and asked a provocative thing of his audience: What if?

What if we thought twice about judicial restraint for a moment? After all, it was a “restrained judge” that protected Obamacare in 2012. What value is there in keeping to the letter of the law when the law itself is broken? Would we still have Obamacare today if a particular judge had stood up and challenged what we all know is a bad law?

“My point is not to convert you from judicial restraint to judicial activism but to think about it” the potential 2016 presidential candidate added. “I don’t want judges writing laws either, but do I want judges to protect my freedom? Do I want judges to take an activist role to preserve liberty?” (NBC)

Watch Sen. Paul’s full speech at the Conservative Policy Summit below. Agree or disagree, I want to know what you think about his comments on judicial activism and judicial restraint. Were they too daring? Or is it what we need to hear? Send a tweet to @ItsAPaulWorld or leave a comment for me on Facebook.

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