We are Winning! GOP Victories a Good Sign for 2016

We are Winning! GOP Victories a Good Sign for 2016

Sen. Rand Paul is potentially  putting his person in a perfect position for possible presidency. Now say that three times fast. Seriously, it seems as though as of late Rand’s been making all the right moves and saying the right things to get the people to start noticing what he has to say. Personally I like the message that he’s portraying. He is a fresh-faced freshman senator with plenty to say, not just about what the Democrats are lacking but ways that his own party can make improvements. Staff writer, Andrew Rafferty, for NBC News weighs in on why Rand Paul feels that recent GOP victories are a good sign for the future of the party.

“The heavily speculated about potential 2016 presidential candidate said Obama’s decision to seek Congressional approval for military strikes on Syria and public outrage over wide-ranging government surveillance programs have made for a great few months for the GOP. And those victories give tremendous insight into how Republicans can retake the White House in 2016, he said.

By capitalizing on the “hope and change” brought to us by President Obama, Rand is helping to establish a secure footing for the current position of the GOP. The recent discoveries of the past few months have shown why we are in dire need of limited government and a candidate whose primary focus is to get America back on track, not tracking its citizens.

“I think we are winning in the sense that the public is with us, it’s just not us, the remnants or the hard core, but I think the public is, in general, with us on these issues,” said Paul. “I think also that from a partisan point of view as a Republican, these are ways we grow the Republican Party.”

If the past five years has been an indication of what “change” is all about, by the time we reach 2016 we will need a candidate who can bring about a dramatic change to the “change” we are enduring now. We need a candidate who possesses a game plan for success and is not afraid of changing the face of the Republican Party for the better. We need Rand Paul and his road map for Republican redemption.

“Does anybody remember Charlie Sheen when he was kind of going crazy…And he was going around, jumping around saying ‘Winning, winning, we’re winning,’” Paul said.  “Well I kind of feel like that, we are winning. And I’m not on any drugs.”

So it appears that Rand Paul has the formula for success on the road to the White House, and although he supports the removal of mandatory minimums in federal drug cases, it’s also good to know that he’s not on any drugs.



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