Rand Paul Responds To Brussels Terrorist Attacks: “We Have To Be Prepared To Defend Ourselves”

Rand Paul Responds To Brussels Terrorist Attacks: “We Have To Be Prepared To Defend Ourselves”

During a recent tour of Kentucky in his bid to be re-elected as senator, Rand Paul spoke about the recent Brussels terrorist attacks.

Paul said the following shortly after the Brussels attacks:

“My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones there. It just re-emphasizes that we must defend ourselves.” (WBKO)

Speaking about the tragic event in which 34 people lost their lives, Rand Paul also told WPSD Local 6 that he’s “sad and a little perplexed why people would kill innocent women, children, people going about their business.”

“I don’t understand those people or understand that kind of hatred or how they think they’re accomplishing something by killing innocent people,” said Paul.

NBC News reports that there are still several Americans missing after the attacks, including Lexington native Stephanie Shults and her husband Justin.

Rand Paul Re-emphasizes Need For Better Immigrant Screening

Paul, who is a staunch advocate of stricter legislation for those coming into the United States, especially from the Middle East, emphasized the need for better screening of immigrants after the recent terrorist attacks on the Zaventem Airport and Brussels metro.

Last year, he introduced legislation that would have helped greatly reduce the risk of giving visas to high risk individuals, but unfortunately nothing came out of it, courtesy of the Obama administration.

The bill, which was to be paid in full with a tax imposed on armed sales to any country with jihadist movements, proposed a 30-day long waiting period so that deeper background checks could be done.

The bill made sense at the time and it makes even more sense now. ISIS is not a conventional army that can be beaten on the ground or by dropping bombs on them. Without a good way to protect our borders, there is little that can be done about preventing another terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Introducing the bill at the time, Paul said:

“I think that the best way to defend the country from attackers – attackers that really don’t have an army but would come here as individuals – is to make sure we try to prevent their access into our country.” (Daily Caller)

Are we too lenient when it comes to defending our borders? After the Brussels terrorist attacks, would a bill similar to the one Paul introduced last year be a smart policy? Share your thoughts about this on Twitter and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more news about Rand Paul.



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