Rand Paul Rejects Limitations Of Republican Debate

Rand Paul Rejects Limitations Of Republican Debate

Rand Paul put his absence from the Republican Debate to good use. While the nation was stuck listening to a bunch of more conservative than thou sorts debating how best to engage in quasi genocidal war on the Mid East, Rand Paul was reaching out directly to his supporters.

In a race filled with psychopathic personalities, RINOesque Republicans, and the odd theocratic nutter who can’t even articulate the proper history of the Egyptian pyramids, the Republican Debate lacked a reasonable voice. A voice that Fox News sent to the children’s table where common sense and rational thought can be hidden away from the crazier sort of front runners.

Rand Paul isn’t one to sit at the children’s table though, and while the ongoing battle of ego and potentially deadly narcissism struggled to try and find incredible new lows in insane foreign policy and nationalistic rhetoric, Senator Paul did what he does best. His own damned thing.

With supporters storming the debate stage shouting “We want Rand” it’s clear that while the GOP and mainstream media want nothing to do with a small government libertarian, America does. Noting that “they can’t keep us off the internet” Rand Paul spent the debate cracking jokes about Republican politicians and live tweeting his own views and ideas.

Once upon a time in America, debates were the main way for candidates to get their message across and to reach out to people. But once upon a time Americans threw their bodily waste into the streets and bought and sold human beings like so much chattel. This is the 21st Century, and if we still value presidential debates, it is out of tradition along with the increasingly misguided notion that competing candidates struggle for attention in a grownup version of a high school talent program.

Rand Paul knows that rather than sit back and let big media keep him out of the Republican Debate, he can take his message to a wired world of millions who can watch and respond in real time. Anybody can sit in front of a TV screen and shake an angry fist at the blathering idiots talking on there, but it takes strength and a strong message to engage an entire nation in real time. Rand Paul has that message, and Rand Paul has that strength of will.

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Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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