Rand Paul Refuses to be Defined by Labels

Rand Paul Refuses to be Defined by Labels

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is a Tea Party guy. And Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is a Tea Party guy. Both are incredibly popular right now, and continue to tap into a passionate group of Americans.

But just because their label is the same, doesn’t mean they’ll always agree. Paul displayed his continued independent streak this week, when he split with Cruz on a strategy to deal with Syria. Writes Todd J. Gillman of the Dallas News:

“Paul tartly derided the idea of forcing ‘show votes’ in the United Nations to embarrass Russia and China. ‘True leadership,’ he said, would involve finding diplomatic common ground.

He didn’t call out Cruz by name. But his critique fit precisely the Texan’s calls to force a United Nations Security Council vote condemning Syria for attacking its own citizens with chemical weapons.

‘Doing so would unify the world against the regime and expose China’s and Russia’s support for this tyrant,’ Cruz wrote in an op-ed in Monday’s Washington Post, laying out his opposition to U.S. force in Syria.”

It’s actually one of the few things the two senators do disagree on. They’ve both been quite vocal about their disagreement with the Obama administration, loudly proclaiming their anti-war stance for everyone to hear. And plenty more, as Gillman writes:

“Cruz played wingman to Paul’s filibuster a few months back on drone policy and routinely lauds his leadership on that and many other fights. Moments before the GOP lunch with Obama, both starred at a tea party rally outside the Capitol to drum up support for defunding Obamacare.”

Paul was OK offering his opinion on Cruz’s strategy however, even if he didn’t mention Cruz specifically.

An important note: Just because Paul and Cruz disagree on one strategy for one issue doesn’t mean there’s any animosity. There have been no signs to suggest the two don’t get along, even though both are considered prime 2016 Republican presidential candidates.

But it further demonstrates that Paul isn’t a slave to his ‘Tea Party’ label. He’s his own guy, and he stands for what’s right.



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