Rand Paul on Why People are Fleeing to New Hampshire

Rand Paul on Why People are Fleeing to New Hampshire

Fence-building? Was someone saying something about fence-building earlier this month? Rand Paul was referring to a southern border much farther north than Mexico during a private rally in Dover, New Hampshire. What can we say? He can be a little mischievous at times. His comment was revisited today on the Boston Herald Radio with Hillary Chabot.

First things first, Rand Paul says it has nothing to do with Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator now running for the Senate in NH. However, there is something about Massachusetts that’s sending people fleeing to New Hampshire.

Massachusetts ranks 8th place in Forbes’ list of 9 states that people are fleeing in 2014. Why is that? What could possibly be so bad about The Bay State that people are leaving for New Hampshire? Taxes. Lack of jobs. It’s getting to the point where the state is about to re-earn its nickname of “Taxachusetts,” according to Boston Magazine editor, Patrick Doyle.

Blogger Rick Barnes of NH Insider writes:

“Having lived in both New York and Connecticut (#3 and #5 on the list of states people are fleeing), I believe it’s taxes driving people away.  That was what drove me out of both of those states and many I know who have moved here from Massachusetts argue the same.”

Radio talk show host and columnist, Michael Graham, also pondered the same question of why everyone was leaving Massachusetts and wrote:

“Massachusetts’ job creation is sagging, as is job creation across the high-regulation/high-tax northeast corridor. “

This is something that came up while Rand Paul was in New Hampshire for the Freedom Summit this month. While talking with Hillary Chabot on the Boston Herald Radio today, Rand Paul mentioned how people were coming up to him to say the following:

“Some people say, ‘Oh you know what? The people fleeing to New Hampshire are the people who don’t like the big taxes in Massachusetts.’ So maybe they actually are people who will help New Hampshire become even more conservative. Same things are happening in other parts of the country. People are fleeing Chicago in Illinois because of high taxes. People are fleeing California because of high taxes.”

“My hope is just that when they leave and flee, they realize what they’re fleeing and who brought that upon them so they bring better ideas to the new state.”

Is Rand Paul right? Are people leaving New Hampshire and similar states because of the high taxes and lack of jobs? Share your thoughts! Join us on Facebook or send us a tweet if you want to stir up some trouble.



You can hear the full interview from the Boston Herald Radio below:Like tag



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