Rand Paul on U.S Interests: Delivering a Powerful Argument for Conservative Realism

Rand Paul on U.S Interests: Delivering a Powerful Argument for Conservative Realism

The reality is that whoever is in power gets to define what our interests are, what U.S. interests are, and therefore gets to greenlight government actions and interventions to alter the affairs that they see fit at the time. That’s scary. If we have someone who nebulously kind of vaguely sort of kind of gives a notion of what our interests truly are, then we can end up being dragged into a lot of stupid crap. Like we are now. There’s a lot of key differences between Obama and Rand Paul on U.S. interests.

Rand lays it down at the Center for the National Interest’s annual dinner on Thursday and gives us not only the good, the bad, and the ugly, but also the real about how we should approach U.S. interests. He says that in regards to the Middle East and conflict in general, that while the use of force has always been and always will be in the repertoire of Lady Liberty in regards to protecting the good life here at home, he sees war as an absolute last resort. And when it is appropriate, it is to be used as lightly, and as sparingly as possible.

As Sen. Paul puts it:

“America should and will fight wars when the consequences— intended and unintended— are worth the sacrifice.”


“America shouldn’t fight wars where the best outcome is stalemate.  America shouldn’t fight wars when there is no plan for victory.”

He’s critical of the fiscal responsibility– as well as the actual effectiveness of Obama’s surge of troop-presence in Afghanistan, for example. The take that we get from Rand Paul on U.S. interests is that primarily, we’ve got to be able to defend our lives and our liberties, and we’ve got to take that seriously enough to deliver force if necessary.

Secondly… prosperity. This means economics, and maybe a little bit of hunky-dory ‘everyone gets along geopolitically’ thrown in there. He’s lookin’ at you, China and Russia. The major threat to the United States continuing to be prosperous is, as he implies, mainly just a question of cooperation. Sure, there’s a lot of politically noxious sentiments getting thrown around by China and Russia, like how Beijing’s extolling itself and proclaiming that one-partied state capitalism is the way to go. Which Rand believes it isn’t; at least it can’t work for very long. And Russia is justifying its involvement in Eastern Europe with “Because Decadent Western Hypocrisy™!”

But this is just talk, really. When it comes to Rand Paul on U.S. interests, all we really have to do is just ensure that we continue to trade, and to connect with one another through that trade to ensure that everyone gets along fine.

“Military force is meaningless if our leaders cannot reinforce American diplomacy through engagement and leadership,” says Paul.

“Our enemies should bear witness to the unmatched and unstoppable American force that was justifiably unleashed after 9/11 and know that terrorism will never defeat America, that terrorism will only awaken and embolden our resolve.”

“But the world should also know that America aspires to peace, trade, and commerce with all.”

“That though we will not abide injustice we will not instigate war.”

“That our noblest intentions are sincere and war will always be our last resort, and that ‘our reluctance for war must not be mistaken for lack of resolve.’”

Read Paul’s speech for yourself and if you feel Rand is on the right track when it comes to protecting our U.S. Interests, send us a tweet or comment on Facebook.


(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore)



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