Rand Paul on The Hannity Show: What Obama Doesn’t Tell You During The SOTU

Rand Paul on The Hannity Show: What Obama Doesn’t Tell You During The SOTU

So what does Sen. Rand Paul really think about Obama’s ideas on “middle-class economics”? Listen below to his Wednesday interview on The Sean Hannity Show as he discusses the real reality behind Obama’s “free” stuff, his own State of the Union response, why we haven’t won the War on Poverty, radical Islam, as well as other topics.

On Everything Now Being “Free”:

“It’s a problem with our government in general,” Paul told Hannity. “The only thing more galling than offering new free stuff was [Obama] trying to say ‘Oh, I’ve cut the deficit more than any other president in the world.’ … Now he’s starting to lessen what he’s added on but overall he will add more to the debt than all 43 presidents previous to him.”

Taking a step to the side, I’d like to point out that while PolitiFact rates Obama’s statement of decreasing the deficit as “Mostly True”, it hides something more relevant:

The more important question is if Obama has put the government on a path that will keep deficits stable. “And the answer is no,” Princeton University economics professor Harvey Rosen said, because entitlement programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, have not had substantial reform.”

Now back to Rand…

“It’s sort of hypocritical for [Obama] to say ‘Oh, the economy’s so great. That’s my responsibility, I should get credit for that.’ But then again income inequality, someone else is responsible for [that]. The bottom line is he can’t escape the fact that black unemployment is still twice white unemployment. … There’s all kinds of problems out there. He just wants to be selective on how he credits himself.”

Why Rand Paul Gives a State of the Union Response:

“The reason is because there’s different kind of Republicans. It’s not to cast aspersions on anyone giving the official response. It’s just we have a particular take on it. We like to talk about how term limits might transform this place, how we should have a bill that says they have to read the bill before we pass it, how we should have a constitutional amendment that Congress should pass no law that they exempt themselves from. These are government reform issues that I might still be a minority up here in Washington on but a lot of people where I live, in flyover country, are actually very annoyed with government, Republican or Democrat…”

On Obama’s Ideas on Poverty Not Working:

It hasn’t gotten any better under this President. I don’t fault him for trying. His ideas just don’t work. He has a failed understanding of how we would fix poverty and when Reagan cut tax rates dramatically for everyone, everybody had more money. Everybody had more take-home pay, rich, poor, and middle class. Millions and millions of jobs were created because you left money in the productive sector. That’s what we should be for as Republicans.”

On Hannity and Rand Paul Disagreeing Over One Thing, Radical Islam:

We might be in closer agreement than you think. Radical Islam is a threat to us. …I’m just for thinking before we act. I’m not for never being involved. I’m for saying be involved when Congress votes for us to be involved and let’s also be aware of the unintended consequences of sometimes being involved toppling secular dictators and getting more radical Islam, not less.”

Listen to Sen. Rand Paul’s full interview on The Sean Hannity Show below. Send us a tweet or comment below with your own thoughts.

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