Rand Paul on Obama: It’s One Thing After Another

Rand Paul on Obama: It’s One Thing After Another

There is always a constant tug for power in Washington. It’s nothing new but Obama is once again trying to find another way around Congress. This time it’s in a push to cut down on global carbon pollution. I won’t get into global warming but when an expert for the Natural Resources Defense Council is describing Obama’s move as an act of “legal and political magic,” do you feel reassured?

This back-and-forth battle between Obama and Congress is.. Well, as noted by Daniel W. Drezner on The Washington Post:

The result has been a president that’s growing more comfortable with executive action… and a Congress that is growing more comfortable with suing the president.”

Does that sound like good politics to you? It goes both ways but that doesn’t let Obama off the hook:

It’s one thing after another,” Sen.Rand Paul said during Wednesday’s On the Record. “You know, he says he has no choice but to act. He says he has a pen and a phone and he is going to act. That doesn’t sound like our republic. You know, we have checks and balances. He has done this with global warming. He has also done this with immigration. He has also done this with the war in Libya. He doesn’t seem to grasp the checks and balances. But, if we don’t have checks and balances in this country, you know, that can lead to a real problem.”

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