Rand Paul on Iran Letter: President Can’t Un-Write Law

Rand Paul on Iran Letter: President Can’t Un-Write Law

By now we’ve all heard about the 47 senators who signed the infamous Iran letter. Led by Tom Cotton of Arkansas this political ploy was designed to show up Obama’s popularity, or lack thereof, and show strength towards those who think America is fading on the international stage.

The 47 senators were Senate-splaining, as David Weigel at Bloomberg excellently describes the Iran letter, the powers that Congress is meant to have and the powers the President is meant to have. What’s so false about this whole debacle is that those shrieking criticisms of it have once been on the other side.

“…Cotton’s hardly the first member of an opposition party to lobby against the president’s foreign policy. Fourteen and a half years ago, a small team of progressive Democratic members of the House traveled to Iraq to bolster their case against a military invasion.” (Bloomberg)

Given the increasingly severe deadlocks American politics is going through the issue is emblematic of the divide. Games of one-upmanship on nuclear issues show that this is coming to a head.

Rand Paul was one of the signatories (only 8 Republican Senators didn’t sign) and had this to say on the matter last week.

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Paul told Glenn Beck he thought it is “kind of crazy” that people want to know if he has any “regrets” about signing the letter. “Do I have any regrets about informing another country of how our Constitution works?” he asked rhetorically.

The senator explained that he is one Republican who wants more negotiation with Iran and doesn’t want to go to war over there, but added, “I don’t want just any old agreement, I want the agreement to mean something.”

“Most of the sanctions [against Iran] were passed by Congress,” Paul said. “The president can’t undo legislation on his own. This is this constant war we have with him that he thinks he can write or un-write law.” (Mediaite)

Both sides in this story, Republicans and Democrats seem to be opportunistic and strategic. Both have views of the world that tend to differ, although there are overlapping priorities for some wings of the parties. Iran is a major player in the Middle East; it is vehemently opposed to Israel’s existence. This fracas is a mere pre-game to the shit that’s going to fly in the coming decades, so protocol aside we’re seeing two contrasting visions of the future clash here. One that takes the hard line and the other that takes the soft line. What do you think? Should the 47 Senators have signed the Iran letter? Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter or below.


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