Rand Paul On Hannity: We Can Change The Patriot Act If We Act Now

Rand Paul On Hannity: We Can Change The Patriot Act If We Act Now

It’s not the final end of the Patriot Act, but we experienced a small victory this week for liberty and privacy.

Sen. Rand Paul did everything he could on the Senate floor to delay the vote on the Patriot Act extension and at this point it is highly doubtful that the Senate will have time to extend it before Saturday, reports Fox. In addition, a memo from the DOJ has already gone out saying that the NSA has to close up shop on its bulk collection of metadata. But before we can cheer, however, this is only an expiration date for certain provisions within the Patriot Act. There’s still work left to do.

Paul was optimistic on Thursday’s “Hannity” that he could build enough influence to have an even greater impact on changing the unconstitutional aspects of the Patriot Act, that is if we the people are willing to get involved.

Watch the video below for the rest of Rand Paul’s thoughts after his filibuster against the Patriot Act. Join his fight by following us on Twitter and Facebook.



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