Rand Paul On DHS Funding Bill: ‘This Goes Beyond Immigration’

Rand Paul On DHS Funding Bill: ‘This Goes Beyond Immigration’

The phrase ‘government shutdown’ is cropping up more and more these days. It is a sign of a divided country. The elected representatives represent two sides of the American public who have with increasing frequency been failing to see eye to eye.

The possible government shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security is a heavily political issue. Democrats blocked the DHS funding bill because it prevented Obama’s executive immigration amnesty order.

So much so that the courts are currently trying to establish the legality of Obama’s executive action. Sen. Rand Paul, speaking to Breitbart, frames the issue over the DHS funding bill as part of a wider separation of powers issue.

“The disappointing thing about the Democrats is they don’t seem to be able to get beyond partisanship to actually address important issues so I think there’s an important constitutional issue here between the separation of powers,” Paul said in an exclusive interview while on a trip.

“It would be nice, I think, if some of the Democrats stood up and said ‘you know what? We need to reassert Congress’ authority even though this is a Democrat president. I will vote for congressional power here as opposed to presidential power.’

“…This is a struggle that’s above and beyond immigration. It’s a struggle between the executive branch and the legislative branch.” (Breitbart)

Much like with his ongoing attempts to give Congress back the power to make war, Paul is effectively trying to limit power of the President, an office that seems to allow the holder to act as a Leviathan.

What a predicament. It seems like the political football of immigration is being kicked around for all manner of reasons with a 1189 page bill attached to it. No wonder people hate politics. Government shutdown or not, this debacle isn’t going to do anyone any favors, least of all the thousands employed by the DHS who will be wondering if the next mortgage repayment is going to be on time. What do you think about the fight over the DHS funding bill? Who’s in the right, who’s got it wrong? Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter, or below the line.

Written by Abezier Coppe

(U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo courtesy of DonkeyHotey and Wikipedia)



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