“This Is Something We Shouldn’t Tolerate,” Says Rand Paul

“This Is Something We Shouldn’t Tolerate,” Says Rand Paul

Forget all about the Clinton email scandal! The debate has now shifted gears and the money trail of the Clinton Foundation is being followed. Followed all of the way to Saudi Arabia! Sen. Rand Paul is picking up on this trail in possibly one of the most unlikely of places; from a coffee shop in New Hampshire.

Rand Paul made some rather decisive comments regarding Hillary Clinton, Saudi Arabia and her Clinton Foundation over the weekend while campaigning to New Hampshire delegates.

He highlighted just how strange it is that a supposed champion of women’s rights could be receiving cash from a Saudi Arabian government whose own women have virtually no rights at all. Yes, a nation that won’t even allow female citizens to drive a car is now Hillary’s number one financial backer for women’s rights. How the heck does that happen?

He challenged a crowd in New Hampshire to ask themselves if it was right for Hillary to receive donations from a country that he says, “punishes women who are raped”.

WATCH: Rand Paul on Hillary At Carroll County Lincoln Day Dinner

“This is something that we shouldn’t tolerate. This is something we should be organizing a boycott of,”  said Paul. “Do you remember how when South Africa was misbehaving, we organized a boycott of South Africa? We should be boycotting Saudi Arabia, not taking money from Saudi Arabia’s government.” (WaPo)

If we truly want to stand up for what is right it shouldn’t matter how many gifts and donations are thrown our way. Just as Senator Rand Paul championed during his stop in New Hampshire, we need to sound the alarm on Saudi Arabia’s “War on Women”.

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Written by Chaz Bowman; Edited by Staff



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